Vote Michael A Baker - 15th November 2012
...campaigning to become South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner
Your Independent Candidate

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I intend to run for the post of South Wales Police Commissioner. Please read my comments and take time out to make your friends in South Wales aware of it.

‘‘I feel that over the years the Police service has been squeezed in many respects, not only financially due to budget cuts, but because of bad press in relation to several cases. More importantly I believe the public over the years have been left with the impression that the Police are not listening to them and therefore to a large degree have ‘lost the streets’.

If this situation is not addressed there is a danger that we could lose a future 'generation' who have no regard for the law. This is not an irretrievable situation and I am convinced that with the assistance of the public, who to a very large extent want to support the Police, this trend can be reversed and we can return to a time when respect for the Police was clear’.

‘I am in the process of formulating a means for the public to be involved in the work of the Commissioner which will enable members of the public to engage with local groups who in turn will communicate their concerns directly to the Commissioner’s office and from there to the Police. ‘I will ensure that the concerns and aspirations expressed by the local communities of South Wales are the driving force behind the Commissioner’s office and not the needs of political leaders in Cardiff Bay and London’

‘This is a very serious role and I have no doubt of the importance and challenge of the task ahead, but with the appropriate co-operation of the Chief Constable and the goodwill of the public I am confident I can make it work for the benefit of the people of South Wales.

In setting up the office of Commissioner, the Government has stressed that the position is not a political appointment and that the Commissioner should not be politically motivated. However, there appears to be a thrust by some of the main political parties to secure this post for their members which will inevitably result in political control of the Police service and take it away from public control.

I wish to make it clear that I am not affiliated to, or being funded by any political party and am therefore truly independent.

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