...campaigned to become South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner
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On 15th November you were asked to vote for a new Police and Crime Commissioner.

I stood for that office on the basis that I was completely independent of party politics and with a background that was unique amongst the candidates.. The election was held and at the count the following day it became apparent that no candidate would have an outright win on the first ballot and that the election count had to go to the 'Supplementary' vote, this meant the second votes of all but the two top candidates were then to be counted. This was done and in that supplementary vote I took the supplementary vote at a ratio of 3 to 1, this though was not enough to secure the post and Alun Michael was ultimately elected.

I would like to thank all those who voted for me and especially those who were kind enough to help by distributing leaflets in the force area. I did not take any funding from any source, running the campaign myself without professional assistance and managed to run a very close second place.

I am clearly disappointed in the result but have accepted the decision of the communities of South Wales. I will consider whether to stand again in the next election for this force area in three and a half years time.

Thank you all again for your very kind comments and your support'

Mike Baker